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We Are Reliable.

We Are Reliable.

We are reliable.

This is a message that every company should strive to get across. However, it can be difficult to prove your reliability, especially for a young company. It can be hard enough at times to remind yourself that you are strong and capable, so how do you convince an audience of strangers!?

We have learned that the best way to prove yourself through social media is to be present.

P- Post regularly. Posting on a consistent schedule, whether it's three times a week or twice a day, is a small way of showing that you've got things under control. It takes a lot of hard work and persistence to build a following on social media- don't undo it by abandoning your audience. Large gaps in content should be avoided at all costs.

R- Respond quickly. Social media provides a much more casual interaction with customers than ever before. So casual, in fact, that it can be easy to forget a comment faster than you read it. Develop a strategy that works for you- it may be responding immediately, or it may be designating times throughout the day (like first thing in the morning and again just before you stop working for the day). A way to make your customers feel and be heard is vital.

E- Expect negativity. Not only is social media more casual, but much more exposed. Some people are going to have negative things to say. Recognize this, expect this, and prepare. Many customers will have a valid inquiry or issue; in these cases, respond quickly, and do whatever you can to remedy the situation. If their issue was genuine, you will most likely be able to find a resolution. Unfortunately, you will find others simply looking for a reason to nit-pick. It happens! Have a few formulated responses ready. Point them to your email address- more often than not, you won't hear from them again. 

S- Seek positive interaction. Search religiously for mentions of your company and the products or services you provide. Look through mentions, hashtags, reviews, etc. for anything relevant. You may be surprised to find a positive mention of your company or someone in need of something you provide. Interacting on these posts is a great way to gain a new customer or make an existing customer feel heard and appreciated. 

E- Enlist the help of others. Whether you are asking your existing customers to write a review or sending product to a social influencer, having a third party promote your business is huge. It inspires trust and reassurance and has the added bonus of getting new eyes on your page.

N- Never stop improving. There will always be experiences to learn from in customer service. Don't get discouraged! Learn from your mistakes and apply your new skills moving forward. Fluidity is vital to the success of your business.

T- Tell followers what's up! Once you have established a relationship built on trust, you can share what you're up to. Giving followers a sneak peek into your newest project or making them privy to changes builds your brand community. Seeing you follow through with what you have promised once again affirms what they already believe. Mutually beneficial! 

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We Are Relatable. We Are Transparent.

We Are Relatable. We Are Transparent.

We Are Consistent.

We Are Consistent.