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We Are Consistent.

We Are Consistent.

We are consistent.

A consistent theme can be established by asking yourself a few simple questions.

What will be the recurring subjects of my images?

It's best to choose a few subjects that will be making routine appearances in your feed. If you are selling something tangible, you may populate your feed with curated flat lays featuring your newest products and photos of your freshly minted storefront windows. If you are selling an idea or a service, you may opt for graphics with fun quotes and images that illustrate your creative process (think open books, designs in progress, and copious amounts of coffee). I always recommend choosing a few "freebies"- these may simply be things you enjoy, like decadent donuts or the record you're spinning this week in the office. If you have a specific focus (like locally sourced products or sustainable living), you may do a weekly spotlight on a company or product that shares your ideals.

Where will these images be taken?

Choosing 2-3 backdrops for your images will go a long way in creating a cohesive, branded feed. It's best to choose something that is near and easily accessible. Amazing exposed brick wall inside your boutique? Perfect for displaying product shots. Awesome tile floor in your restaurant? Beautiful backdrop for your newest cocktails. You may also consider routinely incorporating other items into your shots (again, something you regularly have on hand), such as the succulent on your desk or even your four-legged companion. This gives you freedom to photograph a variety items without fear of derailing a perfectly branded feed.

What is the color/material palette of my images?

Pull from your logo! Establishing a color palette is especially important if you frequently create original graphics. Using the same fonts and colors present in your logo speaks volumes for your brand. Your color palette doesn't necessarily have to just be one or two colors- you can work with pastels, brights, or a monochromatic scheme. Materials should be easy to interject, like natural wood or white fur. Whatever your choice, your color and material palette should complement your subjects. 

Why is this consistency so important?

First and foremost, consistency creates a branded feed. This inspires confidence. Potential buyers will associate your company with purposefulness, thoughtfulness, and a strong identity. 

Secondly, followers will know what to expect. When you are true to your brand, not everyone is going to want to follow you...and that's okay! Those who do follow will do so because they take a genuine interest in your brand. It can be challenging to stick to the guidelines you have set (you just know your followers would LOVE to see just one vacation photo or this hilarious meme!). However, demonstrate a little self discipline now and you'll thank yourself when you have an unadulterated feed. 

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Next, we'll explore another vital message: We are reliable. Don't miss out! xx

We Are Reliable.

We Are Reliable.

Less Talk, More Show.

Less Talk, More Show.