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Welcome, Interns.

Welcome, Interns.

While the slightly Spring-y weather today is only a taste of what's to come, Spring semesters across the country have begun. With a new semester comes a new crop of talented and ambitious girl boss interns. How do we get so lucky? Getting to know our interns is always a pleasure, and we'd like to share it with you! Enjoy this fun Q + A with our Spring interns, Kristen, Sarah, and Taryn. 

Welcome to Hartley Social! We’re so glad to have you. 
Tell us why social media, digital marketing, and branding pique your interest.

Kristen: As a fashion student and a member of the social media obsessed generation, I think it is incredible how social media can have such a huge effect on the success of a company. There are so many companies out there that are pushing the limit on social media and in their branding. Without social media and their profound brand images, many wouldn’t be nearly as successful, and I’m curious to learn how to create compelling content that takes brands to the next level.

Sarah: I really enjoy all three platforms because it helps me keep up to date on my favorite people and things. Social media specifically helps businesses become connected to their customers.

Taryn: I think digital marketing through social media has sparked my interest simply because I am a millennial. I love (and sometimes hate) the way that social media is always available to me. I can see what specials my favorite restaurant is having that night or be the first to the sale at my favorite shop just by clicking on my Instagram app. It’s a convenient and fun way to engage in business and networking!

What do you think makes a strong female in business?

K: Confident and approachable, but most importantly humble and unique. I personally am drawn to women who aren’t afraid to stand out and show their weird, loud, crazy personalities on the internet or through their work. I find that when they are truly themselves, they’re more relatable. The imperfection in itself is inspiring.

S: I think to define a strong female in business she must be confident in her work. She must be strong but approachable and kind. I believe that if you are ambitious enough any woman can be a strong female in business.

T: I think that a strong female in business forgets that there is ever could be an imbalance between her and a male counterpart. I think being able to work just as hard and if not harder is empowering to both the female and those looking up to her.

How do you think social media has changed business, and is it vital to have a social media presence?

K: Social media has changed everything. It’s made businesses more accessible, it’s opened up ways to attract customers they wouldn't otherwise, it’s made it easier for businesses to establish and better portray their own voices and personalities. It is absolutely vital, especially for businesses catering to younger generations.

S: I believe social media has changed business in many ways. It shows that businesses are invested in their customers and helps businesses communicate with people much easier than in the past. I think it is completely vital to have a social media presence as a business. Almost everyone today has a smartphone, so I believe it is one of the main ways for business owners to communicate with their followers.

T: I think it is important to have a social media presence as a business because social media has made everything available to anyone at any time. People can pick out their favorite things and form opinions outside of the normal realm of business hours.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

K: Anything with caramel!

S: Ahh, this is a tough one, but probably a royal Oreo blizzard from Dairy Queen.

T: If I’m going to eat ice cream, I love anything that is chocolate and peanut-buttery. But I love fruit-flavored sorbets more.

LA or NY?

K: New York City for sure. I feel like NYC is ever changing and ever growing but it still seems to hold the same mysterious charm. I’d love to experience that.

S: I’ve honestly never been to LA but my hometown is only two hours from NYC so I’m going to have to say NY… for now.

T: I’ve never been to either, but I am itching to get to NYC.

What album do you have on repeat?

K: Homeshake’s latest album, Midnight Snack.

S: I honestly, listen to just about all genres of music depending on my mood. I really like alternative rock. But I guess if I had to choose one artist I would pick Fleetwood Mac or Sublime.

T: Not necessarily an album, but I can’t stop listening to Little Big Town’s newest single, Better Man. 

What is something about you that no one would guess?

K: I’ve never broken a bone AND I have 20/20 vision!

S: I can eat a whole large pizza… by myself, and I used to be a competitive equestrian.

T: I can take out my front tooth and put it back in, on command.

Stick around and keep an eye on our pages to see how they continue to shape and contribute to Hartley Social! If you're interested in being a Summer or Fall intern OR voltunteering to help with our event in May, be sure to reach out!  chat@hartleysocial.com xx

We Made It.

We Made It.

2017, Bring It On.

2017, Bring It On.