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We Are Relatable. We Are Transparent.

We Are Relatable. We Are Transparent.

To us, relatability and transparency go hand in hand. Exposing our quirks and imperfections allows our followers to let their guard down, because hey, maybe we're not so different after all; debunking myths of perfection in a world of instafame can inspire and uplift. However, there can be a fine line between shedding light on your human qualities and instilling a lack of confidence in your brand. 

We've discovered a few ways to safely convey these qualities to your followers.

Humor Helps

While we are most certainly advocates for showing rather than telling, your caption can playfully weave a second story line into the life of your photos. It's okay to let your followers know that you're posting a photo of yesterday's downtown adventure while you're sipping coffee in bed. It's okay to admit that you less-than-gracefully devoured your beautiful brunch spread mere seconds after the photo was snapped. Let's be honest- who doesn't love coffee in bed and brunch? This sort of relatability makes your followers feel like friends and causes no detriment to your brand. 

Behind the Scenes

Who doesn't love taking a look behind the scenes? It makes us feel privy to the processes of our favorite brands, as though we've tapped into their expertise. Seeing the chaos that precedes a polished finished product reminds us of the hard work, dedication and emotion that go into creating something beautiful. And we all have a process, whether our finished product is a piece of furniture, a website, a video, an event, a croissant, a flat lay, or a perfect cat-eye. Not only can being transparent about your process develop a new appreciation for what your company does, but it can remind your customers to not be afraid of the effort it takes to make something amazing- that's a message we could all use now and again. 

The Right Kind of Failure

As so many great minds have urged, failure is vital to success. It is real and inevitable. How can we be transparent and relatable about our failures without undermining and damaging the brand we have worked so hard to establish? 

We have found that asking these two questions can help clarify:

Is revealing this failure professional? As always, you should conduct business in a way that you can be proud of the next day. You should never use social media to vent. Seeking validation during an overwhelming (yet fleeting) moment of frustration or to avenge the sting of a lost client or business partner is never worth it. 

Does revealing this failure have a purpose? Sometimes failure can redirect us. It can remind us why we started. It can force us to think outside the box. It can humble us. It can make us stronger. Failing is a part of every journey, and sharing these failures can create a brand community that supports and teaches one another.

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New Hartley Social Packages.

New Hartley Social Packages.

We Are Reliable.

We Are Reliable.