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New Hartley Socialite- Anna.

New Hartley Socialite- Anna.

We are thrilled to welcome Anna to the Hartley Social team as a Market Assistant! Our "Hartley Socialites" are just that- socialites in our digital and physical communities, who know how to capture an audience and light up a room. Anna will be a fantastic addition! Read on to learn more about her. 

Welcome to Hartley Social! We’re so glad to have you. Tell us why social media, digital marketing, and branding pique your interest.

What piques my interest the most about these three channels is the opportunity they provide a company to express themselves! Whether it is through a photo or a graphic, I love the concept of conveying to your viewers and consumers who you are and what you are trying to say.

What do you think makes a strong female in business?

I without a doubt feel that confidence, being approachable and knowledgeable, and willingness to reach out to others are key characteristics in being successful. I also believe that what a makes a female strong in business is her ambition, desire to grow, succeed and to be the best version of herself that she can be. I feel it is equally important for her to be relatable, a team player and a teacher - uplifting and motivating those around her, helping them to grow as well!

How do you think social media has changed business, and is it vital to have a social media presence?

I feel that social media has changed business by giving companies the opportunity to market themselves instantaneously, through so many channels where they now have the power to make themselves seen. Before social media, most ads were on television as commercials, on billboards, on the radio or in the newspaper, etc. Because of social media, businesses now have the opportunity to target specific markets. For example, I couldn’t tell you the last commercial or billboard I saw whose message really stuck with me or how much attention I even paid to it. However, I check my newsfeed multiple times a day and I can tell you about the cute shoes I saw a local boutique post on Instagram. Not only did I remember those shoes, I eventually went out of my way to purchase them! The full circle process which began with the boutique having an Instagram, utilizing it and posting photos of their merchandise, then someone in my age group as a customer purchasing the shoes, is a clear depiction of the importance in having a social media presence. The various channels of social media now make it possible for businesses to target more specific markets, bringing greater exposure to their brand and thereby making their brand more profitable.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Mango…and pistachio!

LA or NY?

I actually have NEVER been to LA and I'm sure I'm missing out! So for now, New York.

What album do you have on repeat?

I'm not super music savvy, so Pandora is my go to. I'm constantly listening to the Cherub station. But Blink 182 is without a doubt my guilty pleasure!

What is something about you that no one would guess?

I'm a lefty! And, I once asked for a flying broomstick for Christmas. My parents got me one! I proceeded to run across the front yard hoping to magically take off - I didn't.

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